Monday, March 1, 2010

Organizing My Stuff….


Last weekend I got my art studio cleaned up, getting things ready for plein air season. I am also done with my accounting projects for year end, and it was due time to do some art. In fact, I HAD to do some art!

The photo above shows the various (and not all!) of my water color palettes I have collected through the years. They represent some palettes that instructors have suggested, smaller palettes to work outside, larger palettes for larger pieces, different palettes for different colors…etc, etc., etc.

My point in this is….USE YOUR ART SUPPLIES…do NOT save them until you are better, have more time, save the colors until you come across the perfect picture to use them in….what ever. In my past, I had to think about whether I could afford the latest Artist’s Magazine--I wonder if that has anything to do with it....hmmm. Anyway....

Use your supplies, for you will only get better if you DO art…not buy art supplies! I had to throw all these wonderful pens away too…for I didn’t use them. I hoarded them, treated them as precious jewels, waiting for that perfect art project in which to use them. Now, they are garbage.


Teri C said...

Gee, I thought I had a lot but you have me way beat! Maybe I could beat you on the number of sketch books. lol

Nancy said...

Don't bet on it Terry.....I have a nice collection of those too!

Thank you for your comment!

Dan Kent said...

These are some really neat palettes. Lots of really neat palettes. Maybe you haven't used 'em but they are there - ready for you to go. All you have to do is step on the gas. Go for it!

Nancy said...

Thanks Dan, I think I will put one of these palettes in each of my bags, in the room, kitchen...pair that with all my various types of paper, sheets, blocks, sketchbooks..and I could be creating in every room in this house! (Even the bathroom!!)

Thanks for the comments. I'm ready to go...and I'm going to DO IT!! No more excuses...or housework!! There's art to do!