Thursday, November 5, 2009

Miles of Summer/Cool Link!

I have to apologize for my absence on this blog! We have been busy combing the countryside (at least in Wisconsin) to catch up on all the places we missed while Bob couldn't leave the house for the past three years. We painted, and explored, visited family, bookstores, neat little shops, museums, a state fair, and state parks! We put on 15,000 miles on our new van since last March..and we are in for the winter--more or less. The snow plowing services are weak here in the Northwoods, so it's best just to stay inside and work on studio paintings!

I will have plenty of paintings to show you when I get my photos taken and downloaded. I plan on doing that this weekend. In the meantime, please check out this WONDERFUL link--direct to the master of plein air--Vincent Van Gogh! The museum of his name has put out there a wonderful section to letters of his, transcribed into English and annotated! Also included are his wonderful sketches he wrote into his letters. The English version shows up next to his original letter--it is amazing to view his handwriting and little sketches! If you have piles of money to spend, ($600+) you can order the complete set direct from the museum. I will be viewing them on the website, unfortunately....but this would be an AWESOME gift for the Van Gogh Lover in your family! Here is the link--ENJOY!

Also, if you have an IPOD, there is an App for viewing Vincent's letters-here is the title: Yours, Vincent, The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh, I'm downloading it as I write this. Very cool!