Sunday, November 25, 2012

Motivation Time!!!

Been awhile.....My huge project of last year, completed, buyer was happy.  I did a few paintings in the fall and was looking forward to completing a bunch of commissions which are due next summer. 

Then came home remodeling--new windows, an indoor ramp so my husband can move throughout the house.  My employer ok'd a wonderful remodel so my dear Bob--who is in a wheelchair, could move from the living room up to his office and kitchen in our split level.  Previously, he would have to go outside to get from the living room to the kitchen and his office.  In the winter, it was not fun!   

But, with the huge hole in our floor to make the ramp, things had to be moved...and where did they go?  Unfortunately, my art room.  Long story short, it took me until this fall to get my art room back.  I had my grandchildren for the entire summer and was busy at work, so it was a long haul.  I had forgotten where I had put everything!  I also did not TOUCH my oils for a whole year!

So, now--I have to do 3 paintings for a commission.  I want to do more since others may buy some commemorative painting for their business being 100 years old--so I want to do as many as I possible can and have them dry by next August.

I started my project a couple of weeks ago, sketched my value sketches and planned what I wanted to do. So, how do you get motivated when you are late on starting a project....scared you aren't going to be able to do it in time, have I lost it, etc. etc. etc.  Do you have those feelings?  I do all the time.

I combat this "stinkin' thinkin' by doing a few things.  First, I remember artists that have come before me.--like Vincent's quote--"If you think you can't paint, then by all means, paint and that voice will be silenced". what????

I then started cleaning off my palette--yes, there was paint left over from LAST YEAR!!  Then, squished out my palette of colors.  Then, I thought of another quote..something about let inspiration find you working...well...I'm here!!  Let it come!!  I checked my value sketches and started to block in my painting.  Ok, going along alright!!  But then, the old familiar things start coming at me...."you're doing it all wrong, you've got dishes and wash to do, you're not an artist!!".  I only have one way to silence all these demons in my head--one word--MUSIC!!!

I don't know about you, but when I play my FAVORITE music, I get taken away...the dishes go, the wash, poof!!  I'm 23 again, with energy galore!! I crank the music louder and my brush is moving...painting...I am taking myself OUT of the painting...just letting myself GO!!!  So now, I've got 1 painting completely done...two others on their way--just a few tweaks left.

I love painting...and I'm loving being BACK IN THE GAME!!  How do you motivate yourself if you been away for awhile?  Please leave your comments and suggestions below! 

A partial few of my palette!  I'll show my paintings once they are ready!