Sunday, February 28, 2010

American Ruins


Finally got a chance to get out and do some plein air last weekend! I am an accountant in my daily life, so the past couple of months have been pretty hectic for me. Last weekend I designated it, “Art Weekend” and took off work for a 4 day weekend! This little sketch was done in Porterfield, Wisconsin—it was part of a pig farm—with the pig shelter to the left, the silo with food to the right..farther to the right, which I left out, was an old three story, brick smoker. I loved the gray colors and the dark red of the brush. Snow is beginning to melt here—so there was plenty of brush of different colors to paint. This was done in my watercolor moleskine, which is almost filled! I used my Koi Travel Kit along with a Niji waterbrush. The kit was really nice, love the colors it has!

Blogging note: I apologize for no blogs for awhile. I have gotten a new computer with Windows 7, so it took me awhile to move everything and learn the new system, which is really nice! I will try and be more consistent in my blogs! I promise!