Friday, October 3, 2008

Make Art

Chute Pond, oil 6 x 8", plein aire

Sometimes I wake up in the morning, and all I can think about is doing art. I love it...truly love it. If I didn't have to work, I would be one of those scruffy looking artists...who didn't look as if they changed clothes in a while...full of paint and obsessed with my current project, or dreaming about the next one, or the one after that! I LOVE looking at nature, walking, driving. I see HUNDREDS of paintings in my head as I pass by. In the precious moments when I can stop and create, I feel like I've discovered a treasure, blessed in the fact that I have the time to stop and try and capture my find on paper or canvas.

Last night it was the first frost in the Northwoods. This morning as I awakened under two blankets, I found my backyard covered with shimmery silver frost. I don't think my summer flowers will be around for long. My herbs will need to be harvested tonight!

This weekend is supposed to be glorious---warm, sunny. I will be out there painting more fall colors. Housework? What is that???? It's going to be a painting weekend for me!!!