Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Chance at Snow…


handsaw horse trail, plein aire.


For Northeast Wisconsin, 40 degree days in early March is usually a dream.  We usually have snow through mid-April, but this year, our February has been very mild.  The chipmunks are already on the move, the raccoons are busy raiding bird feeders, and bears are not far behind.  We still have about 9 inches of snow on the ground, but some places have none.  I wanted to take advantage of  our first 50 degree day since last fall, and the beautiful sun shine.   I grabbed my watercolors, moleskine and went out and did a little watercolor of a horse trail on the ranch property.  Sure was nice getting out….being in the sun and not being very cold!   I used my Niji waterbrush, my Koi 24 color travel set on the large watercolor moleskine—which is almost completed!  Get ready for Spring!  It’s almost here! 

1 comment:

violette said...

wOW.........THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented. I must try plein air painting.....looks like fun!

I love how you captured the trees and grasses in the snow!

Love, Violette