Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cool Art Caddy!


Art Pencil Caddy

Found this idea on You Tube from Violette—author of Journal Bliss.  Violette's Website  She has the most AWESOME house and van.  Go and check her out! 

For this caddy I used frosting containers and a small margarine tub for small items like erasers, sharpeners, stumps, etc.  I have organized my colored pencils by color so they are easier to find.  My hubby helped me put this together fro an old paper towel holder.  Isn’t it AWESOME!!!  Thank you Violette!!!! 


Dan Kent said...

Cool concept. How did you attach the cups to the paper towel holder?

Nancy said...

I'm not a mechanical person so here is my hubby's description.

Our paper towel holder was oak, so it was hard to drill through. First we took a 1/4 drill, drilled through the post, used a 1 1/4 by 1/4 by 20 stainless steel bolt, a 1/4 by 20 stainless steel nut and a lock washer to hold it all together. We also used the 1/4" drill to drill the hole in the frosting cups. We drilled the top hole first, mounted the cups and drilled the bottom hole at 90 degrees to the top so the cups were staggered and able to hold my colored pencils.

We didn't use wood screws because the oak was too hard to drill.
One bolt for two cups. The small cup was glued to the base.

This holder holds a complete set of Prismacolor pencils. I had such a hard time carring 4 cups around when I wanted to use my colored pencils, so this works out very well for me.

Good luck! Please send me a picture of what you do!

Thanks for the comment!


violette said...

Nancy.......your caddy looks AWESOME!!!!!! I'm so thrilled that you went ahead and created your version. Now i can't remember if my project mentioned that you could use a paper towel holder as a base but i originally wanted to say that in the write up. Especially for folks who don't have a kajillion woodworking tools like Mr. G!

Thanks for the mention.

Love, Violette ox