Sunday, February 1, 2009

They Say it's Your Birthday....

Well, my little grandsons birthday parties were today. Both were born so close together that it just is easier for one party since I live so far away from them. They live in Green Bay and it's an hour and a half to get here. Luckily, we had a fairly good day for travel. That's not easy this time of year. Last year when my youngest grandson was born, it was on the coldest day of the year...24 below zero...wind chills over 40 below. It was also on Brett Favre's last game with the Green Bay Packers. 1/20/08. (You can't live up here without being a Packer fan BTW)

His older brother, Kenyon is going to be 3 tomorrow. He had a cold today, but loved his presents. His little brother, Keenan, loved his presents too. They ate well, we had cake, and then they went home. Pooped out, I decided to paint a piece of cake while watching the Super Bowl. Here is my entry....oil on carton board. 6" x 8"

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christine said...

This is a very festive cake. Love the colorful sprinkles!